About The Brand RDM Online?

Behind the brand RDM Online there is this guy called Rutendo Denford Mutseriwa aka "me" and below are the most important milestones in my life to date, this is how i got to where i am now and you could be part of this journey....

  • 1981

    The world welcomes Denford

    The start of something great, apparently, born early morning about 3 30am in October.

  • 1998

    Finished O Levels

    Gained the first professionally recognized qualifications, the O levels. 1 A grade, 4 B grades and 4 C grades and nothing less than a C grade, not bad.

  • 2001

    Life in UK starts

    An ambitious teenager lands at London Heathrow with the intention of studying medicine, then he discovered something called a computer and everything changed.

  • 2008

    Graduates from University...

    After some 5-6 painful years in college then University, I graduated from Staffordshire University with a second class honors Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Information Technology.

  • 2010

    First Web Developer role...

    After a few freelance projects and contracts, I got my first full time role. Thanks to Bit10 for giving the opportunity breakthrough I was looking for.

  • 2014

    Family time...

    Now with everything in place decent job , beautiful girlfriend and son thought time to commit to being a husband and father.

  • 2016

    Change of enviroment

    Armed with good experience in .Net Web development, time to look sunny weather to carry on the work, off down-under Australia here i am.